Three Different Types Of Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are often used in hair salons and are a great tool to work with. They are used for thinning out the hair without shortening the length. Thinning shears are available in different styles that are each designed for different hair types. These are three commonly used types of thinning shears and the types of hair they work best with.

Single-Sided Shears 

Single-sided thinning shears have teeth on one side and a straight blade on the other. They are used for general thinning in certain areas of the hair when a hair cut is given.These thinning shears are used to make curly hair curlier and thick hair easier to manage. They are also ideal for thinning the hair of young children who have especially thick or unmanageable hair.

 Single-sided thinning shears are used by sectioning the hair off and cutting it by working your way upward from the tips to the scalp. Be careful not to cut too closely to the scalp to prevent having short hair that may stick up in between the longer hair.

Double-Sided Shears 

Double-sided shears have teeth on both blades. These shears are also commonly used during a haircut to thin out certain portions of the hair. However, since these shears have teeth on both blades, the hair that is cut with them comes out in finer sections.

Double-sided thinning shears are best for those who wish to obtain a softer looking cut. They can be used for texturizing the hair so that the cut does not have a blunt-looking finish. These shears are perfect for use around the tips of hair. Double-sided thinning shears are ideal for use on both adults and children.

Wide-Toothed Shears 

For those who have especially thick or curly hair, wide-toothed thinning shears are the best choice. These shears can remover larger, chunkier sections of hair because the teeth are on both sides, are wider and have more space in between them. Wide-toothed thinning shears can be used all over the head as long as they are not used very close to the scalp.

Wide-toothed shears are also great for creating fringed hairstyles and cutting the hair around the nape of the neck. These shears are also commonly used by dog groomers for thinning out the hair of dogs with thick, shaggy hair.

Thinning shears are a great tool for creating a variety of different hairstyles. They may be used along with regular scissors, clippers or razors to create very stylish, professional looks.