Avoid The Embarrassment Of An Erection During Your Next Massage Appointment

If you've ever been enjoying a massage treatment and realized that you're beginning to experience an erection, you might immediately feel mortified. The truth is, despite their connection to sexuality, erections can often occur for a wide range of reasons, including during relaxation — and this makes them more common than you might think during massage appointments. You shouldn't let your fear of this situation keep you from enjoying the many physical and emotional benefits of a massage. Schedule your next appointment when you feel ready to do so and use these techniques to handle the situation.

Wear Tight Underwear

While many massage patients opt to get completely undressed beneath the sheets on the massage table, you can often reduce the likelihood of experiencing an embarrassing erection by wearing tight compression-style underwear. This style of underwear doesn't eliminate the risk of an erection, but the tightness of the garment can reduce the visibility if such a situation occurs, which can save you some embarrassment.

Don't Think About It

The cruel situation for many men is that the more they think about not getting an erection, the more easily it can occur. If you're lying on the massage table and fixating on your private parts, you might soon be horrified to realize that you're indeed getting an erection. Do your best to clear your mind. Listen to the soft music playing in the massage room or simply focus on inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Be Selective About Where You Get Massaged

Even though the person who is giving you a massage will not be massaging around your genitals, pressure in certain areas can possibly trigger you to have an erection. If, for example, you notice that deep pressure in your inner thighs creates this reaction, simply ask the person giving the massage to abstain from treating these areas.

Be Honest If It Occurs

Remember, your massage practitioner is a healthcare professional who has almost certainly experienced previous patients having erections. He or she will simply ignore your situation so that you don't feel centered out. However, if you have indeed experienced an erection, there is no harm in being honest about it. For example, if you're embarrassed about the visibility of an erection when you're on your back and are only covered by a sheet, you can simply say, "I'm sorry, but I'm noticing that I'm getting an erection. Would you mind placing a towel over my midsection?"

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