3 Ways That A Professional Will Blow Dry Your Hair Differently Than You Probably Do

It might not seem like it's worth it to hire a professional to blow dry your hair, but having your hair blow dried by a professional really is different from doing it at home. These are some of the ways that a professional will blow dry your hair differently than you probably do.

1. Using a Diffuser

Many hair stylists use a diffuser attachment on their blow driers when drying a client's hair. This helps with a few things. For people who have curly hair, it can be great for preventing frizz and helping to maintain the shape of your curls. It can also help prevent hair of all types from becoming tangled while it's being blow dried.

2. Styling While Drying

Many people don't think about styling their hair until after it's dry. They might dry it as-is, then use a straightening iron, curling wand, hot rollers, or something else to style their hair. However, styling can and should begin while your hair is being dried. In fact, depending on your hair type and the style that you're going for, your hair stylist may be able to do most or all of the styling simply while blow drying your hair. Your stylist might use a round brush to give you gentle curls at the ends of your hair, for example, or might comb your hair straight while blow drying it to help with straightening it.

3. Using the Right Products

Lastly, someone who does hair for a living is usually quite experienced with using the right products for a person's hair type and for the job that is being done. For example, a professional might put a product on your hair that is designed to help protect it from heat-related damage. He or she might also use products after your hair has been blow dried for things like helping it to stay smooth or preventing frizz. When you are having your hair professionally blow dried, you can try to take notice of the products that are being used. You may even be able to find them for sale in the hair salon. Then, you can use these products at home later to help protect your hair and give it the look that you want.

A professional blow dry really is different from drying your hair at home. These are just a few of the differences; if you contact your hair stylist, he or she can tell you more about why a professional hair blow drying is worth the time and money.