Are You the Right Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

When it comes to plastic surgery, breast augmentation is still among the top procedures performed. People who desire fuller, larger breasts often turn to breast augmentation to enhance their figures or to restore their breasts to where they used to be when they were younger.

Many things go into breast size and changes; hormones, genetics, breast-feeding, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and other factors go into what the size and shape of your breasts are. You can get breast augmentation plastic surgery if you are not happy with your breasts or if you want them to be more even, although you can also consider a breast lift or other reshaping as well.

Your cosmetic surgeon will do a consult with you prior to agreeing to any cosmetic surgeries. Are you the right candidate for breast augmentation? Use this guide to assist you.

You're done having children or losing weight

Making sure you're done with certain life and health changes will ensure that your breast augmentation gives you the best results. While you can still get breast augmentation plastic surgery when you are still having children or losing weight, your results will be best if you are not doing things that will affect your natural breast shape and size.

You're able to have realistic expectations

A quality plastic surgeon will have limits as to how large a person's breasts can be augmented, and will not perform breast surgeries that can be potentially dangerous. Your plastic surgeon wants to make sure you have realistic expectations for your breast augmentation and may even recommend you get a psychological evaluation before you get your breasts done if you want very large or abnormally sized breasts.

You're able to get the results you need

If you have sagging breasts and want them to be more youthful, then you want to consider breast augmentation along with another treatment, such as a breast lift. Sometimes a breast augmentation plastic surgery treatment is not enough to give you the entire results you need, and a nip and tuck or lift will give you the best results. Your plastic surgeon will give you a physical examination before performing any surgery and this will help determine what treatment will be best for you.

Your breast augmentation can impact your life in many positive ways. If you're a great candidate for plastic surgery, your doctor can schedule you right away. Your breast augmentation will have the best results if you rest and take care of your sutures once your surgery is complete.