Beyond Making Hair Longer: Other Reasons To Consider Extensions

People often think of hair extensions as a means to make their hair appear longer. Indeed, this is one reason to get extensions. Your stylist can certainly use extensions that are longer than your own hair in order to add perceived length to your style. But people do not only get extensions because they want to look like they have longer hair. There are other good uses for extensions, too—such as the following.

To Add Volume

Some people have more voluminous hair than others. If you have naturally thin hair, or if your hair is thinning with age, then getting extensions can be a good way to add volume to your style. Your stylist can use extensions that are about the same length as your natural hair, or maybe a little bit longer. They'll insert them at key areas on your head, such as near the crown and at the base of your skull. Your natural hair will be covering the extensions, so they won't be obvious. It will just look like you have more hair. This can make it possible to style your hair in more ways. For example, curls tend to hold better and look better in more voluminous hair.

To Add Color

These days, it is not as common to dye your whole head of hair. Instead, stylists are mostly using balayage techniques to slowly blend color from the roots to the ends. Do you wish you could have this sort of color without having to have your hair chemically treated? Then you should look into extensions. A stylist can add extensions of a different color to your head of hair. The final look will resemble the look you'd get if you were to have balayage color added. But when you get tired of it, you can just have the extensions removed.

To Hide Split Ends

Do you have a lot of split ends and flyaways? The recommended approach is often to have them trimmed off, but sometimes that can leave your hair shorter than you'd like. Extensions can help with this. You can have them added to your hair, and the smooth ends will help make your split ends less obvious. A stylist can carefully place them where your split ends are the worst so the ends of your hair don't look so thin.

Consider extensions for more than just making your hair look longer. They can also really help with thickness, color, or split ends. 

For more info about hair extensions, contact a local hairstylist.