5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Frizzy

Frizzy hair is unruly and can be downright annoying to deal with. Although there are unavoidable causes of frizz, such as rainy weather, you can do several things to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Here are five reasons why your hair might be getting frizzy.

You Rub Your Hair With a Towel

Do you rub your hair with a towel after you get done washing it? If the answer is yes, your tresses are more likely to become frizzy. When you rub your hair with a towel, you can rough up the cuticle. It is a better idea to gently pat your hair dry with the towel.

You Use an Older Blow-Dryer

If you want to keep your tresses frizz-free, it is very important to use a good-quality blow-dryer. If you dry your hair with an older blow-dryer, you can experience more frizz. Ionic blow dryers, for example, produce a negative charge, which helps smooth down your locks. To avoid doing too much damage to your hair, use a low heat setting on the blow dryer.

Your Hair is Dry and Damaged

Dry and damaged hair is more likely to get frizzy because it lacks moisture. Whether your dry tresses are caused by frequent heat styling or bleaching, you can add moisture back into them. For instance, apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair for about 30 minutes once a week. The conditioner will penetrate your hair follicles, leaving them smooth and healthy. 

You Take Long and Hot Showers

Long and hot showers might be very comforting on a cold morning, but they will not do your tresses any good. If you wash your hair with very hot water, it can strip out all of the oils, leaving your locks dry and frizzy. Instead, wash your hair with lukewarm water.

You Color Your Hair Too Much

Whether you dye your tresses dark brown or blonde, frequent coloring can damage your hair. Instead of using permanent color, dye your locks with demi-permanent color, as it is a lot less damaging. Also, have your hair colored by a professional at a hair salon. Professional color is more expensive, but it is much less damaging than box hair dye.

You do not have to live with frizzy hair for the rest of your life. If you follow these helpful tips, you can achieve beautiful and smooth hair. Everyone will be looking at your tresses with envy.