Hair Extension Considerations for Your Daughter's Dance Recital

A dance recital offers your daughter the chance to dress up and look beautiful in addition to showcasing what she's been learning in her dance classes. If this is your daughter's first recital, you may find out that other parents are gathering hair extensions to give their daughters different looks throughout the show. If you plan to join in and purchase some extensions for your daughter, here's what you'll have to think about.

Human "Remy" Hair or Synthetic Pieces

The first thing you'll need to make a decision about is what type of hair you'll buy for the recital. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is somewhat true here, as so-called "Remy" hair is somewhat more costly but looks more natural. That's because Remy extensions are taken directly from humans and, as the hair pieces are assembled, care is taken to ensure the cuticles are all going in the same direction.

Remy hair, because it is not synthetic, will also be somewhat easier for you to style. As you may already know, your daughter's dance teachers have likely outlined what hair styles are right for each dance number, and if you're going to need to curl the extensions at home and later flat iron them for another number, using Remy hair can make that job easier for you. It will act as your own hair might while being spritzed and manipulated with different styling tools.

If you aren't ready to invest in Remy hair, there are different types of synthetic hair to buy. You may end up buying multiple pieces that have different textures for the different numbers your daughter is dancing in. For instance, you may purchase a curly piece and a crimped piece. Compare prices so that you know which makes the most sense for you.

Having Semi-Permanent Pieces Put In or Using Clip-in Pieces

If your daughter is in middle school or high school, you may think about having semi-permanent pieces sewn into her hair so that she can keep the extensions after the dance recital is over. This will give you a greater volume of hair to work with and your daughter may appreciate having thicker hair that the extensions will provide. However, if you have a younger daughter and have to make several outfit and hairstyle changes, clip-in pieces may just be easiest.

Hopefully, the information here has better prepared you to make hair extensions decisions for your daughter's show. Talk to other parents and extensions retailers for further guidance.