Signs You Are Ready To Rent Your Own Salon Suite

For most estheticians, renting a salon suite is a big step. It's really rewarding to move past renting a chair from someone else and to begin renting your own space. But how do you know you're ready for this big move? Here are a few signs you're in the right place to find a salon suite to rent and sign on that dotted line.

You have a loyal client base.

If you're still struggling to find clients and book all of your appointment slots, then you may want to stick with renting a chair and building a larger client base for a while before you rent a salon suite. On the other hand, if you're mostly booking up and perhaps even having to turn new clients away, this is a sign that you're ready to go for it and rent the space. Once you are in your own suite, you can pass off clients who you can't handle to the other stylists who are renting chairs from you. They'll appreciate having a steady stream of clients, and you'll benefit from having renters with a steady stream of income so they can keep renting a chair from you.

You are comfortable managing employees.

When you rent a salon suite, you will need to hire some of your own employees. You'll at least need someone at the front desk and perhaps someone to clean up or run your wash station. Typically, the other stylists won't be your employees; they'll be independent contractors who rent from you. However, you will still need to give them some level of oversight. If you are confident dealing with people in a managerial role, then this is a sign that you're ready to rent your own salon suite.

You can perform a wide range of services.

When you have a whole suite you're paying rent on, you need to be able to keep all appointment slots full and really bring in that income. That means you can't be turning away clients who want services you simply do not perform. So if you still feel a bit limited in your skillset, you may want to take a few more classes and expand your offerings a bit before you rent your own suite. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with a diverse array of coloring, cutting, and styling techniques already, you're probably ready to rent.

Renting your first salon suite is sure to bring up a few challenges, but if you face them head-on and do your best, you'll be really glad you took this important step in your career.

To learn more, contact a resource that has salon suites for rent.