Options To Ensure Your Eyelash Extensions Have A More Natural Look

So many people want thicker, fuller eyelashes. But they are often turned off by the idea of eyelash extensions because they think of extensions as being unnatural, too bold, or too dramatic. This is certainly true of many eyelash extensions, and a lot of people who get eyelash extensions want them to look this way. However, you can certainly get eyelash extensions that are more natural and not overly dramatic. 

Get lashes in your natural color.

Those who want more dramatic lashes often opt for them in dark brown or black. But if you want a more natural look, ask for eyelash extensions in your natural color. This way, it will not be immediately obvious that you have false lashes. They will attract less attention to themselves. If you do temporarily want a bolder look, you can apply an extension-safe mascara to them on that day.

Ask for J-curve, rather than C-curve lashes.

There are two different shapes that eyelash extensions can take on. They can be shaped like a C, dipping down and then up as they come away from your eyes. They can also be shaped like a J — straight from your eye with a little bend at the end. Natural eyelashes tend to shaped more like a J than a C, so if you choose J-shaped lash extensions, you will get a more natural look.

Get them all the same length.

Some extensions start off pretty short toward the inside of the eye and then get longer toward the outside of the eye. This is meant to draw the eyes outward and give a more dramatic look. But if you close one eye and look at your natural eyelashes in the mirror, you will notice that they are all pretty much the same length. If you want your extensions to look more natural, you should have them all made to be about the same length.

Ask for light coverage.

When applying your lashes, your stylist can apply as few or as many as you want. If you don't give them guidance in this regard, they will often apply a medium number of lashes, which ends up looking pretty thick and obvious. So, ask your stylist to go light on the lashes and to keep your look natural. With a few less false lashes, you'll have a fuller and more enhanced look, but not to an unnatural level.

Eyelash extensions do not have to look bold and thick! If you'd rather have a more subtle look, that's totally possible. Contact a company that provides eyelash extensions for more information.