What Happens During A Hydrafacial Treatment

If you are in need of a treatment to aid in making the skin on your face feel supple and look youthful in appearance, a hydrafacial is an option that provides these benefits. If you have never had a hydrafacial treatment in the past, you likely wonder what processes are used. Here is a rundown of what happens during this type of treatment.

Water Is Used To Exfoliate Your Skin

Hydrafacials use the power of pressurized water aimed at key areas of your face to exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin. This process is completely pain-free and does not pose any risks to your skin whatsoever. If you feel any discomfort from the amount of pressure of the water jet being used, simply ask your provider for a gentler setting. The water jetting process is usually conducted in a medical office or spa with medical clearances. This portion of the procedure is considered a form of microdermabrasion, yet it is less intrusive than the use of lasers to remove unwanted and dead cells from the skin. This process is conducted to clean the skin as much as possible before a cleanser is applied to your face.

A Beneficial Cleanser Is Applied

After your skin has been exfoliated, a cleanser is applied to your face. This is done to remove clogs from your pores and to aid in the removal of debris from the skin that was not washed away during the first part of the process. The cleanser is rubbed over your skin in a circular motion so it gets into every pore. You then need to sit for several minutes to allow for the cleanser to break down the debris. 

The Cleanser Is Removed And Serum Is Added

After a short time period, your provider removes the cleanser from your face using equipment that provides suction. This procedure ensures that all debris that the cleanser affixed itself to comes out of your pores without difficulty. The suction procedure not only removes impurities but also opens your pores further. A hydrating serum is then applied to your entire face. Since your pores are clean and open, the serum seeps into them easily. The serum moisturizes your skin, leaving you with a face that looks free of wrinkles, acne, and other flaws. After the serum is applied, your pores appear smaller, helping to give your skin a younger appearance.